Your roof is a very important component of your home, and it deserves care and attention. A roof inspection can determine any current damages or anything that could become a potential future problem. These inspections can also address the course of action that needs to be taken before a disaster or emergency strikes.

roof inspection west palm beach flWhat To Expect

During your roof inspection, a professional and certified inspector follows a detailed and specific approach to ensure that he/she provides a professional and thorough overview of the roof. The inspection begins with a comprehensive visual check starting from ground level. This includes a walk-around of the entire property. The inspector takes note of drainage patterns, begins taking notes of the level and angled surfaces of the roof, and a lookout for any worn surfaces.

The next part of the inspection includes going up onto the roof to establish if moisture has started to invade, or materials are starting to deteriorate.

The inspector will look for nails that may be protruding that can create penetration points. The shingles are also inspected for noticeable wear, dark spots, or a roof deck that has started to sag. Other common roofing issues often detected include material corruption which includes buckling, blistering, or curling. Other areas that are inspected carefully include roof vents and the chimney. The inspector will also look into the gutters.

Additional Considerations

Depending on the roofing materials, there might be other factors or considerations that become necessary. It is important that you hire a roofing inspector that has the expertise and experience to evaluate these surfaces professionally. For instance, a tile roof inspection is conducted from the edge of a roof on a ladder to detect signs of splitting or cracking. Cedar roofs will also decay in different ways according to the climate. In certain states, cedar roofs that require a replacement or repairs will usually grow moss over a certain period of time.

Roof Replacement

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