Roof replacement should not be taken lightly and it is also one of those home projects that should never be delayed.

The Basics Of A Roofing Process

It will become an easier task to make a more informed decision when it comes to hiring roof contractors, once you gain an understanding of how these processes work.

roof replacement west palm beach flA professionally-installed, moderately-sized roof replacement job should take between 3 to 4 days. The process that roofing contractors follow generally includes the following:

– Removal of existing shingles. Old or damaged valley flashing along with the drip edging will also be removed at the same time.

– Minor repairs are then conducted on a roof if the condition of the roof is still good. For a badly damaged roof, the decaying or rotting wood will be replaced with new plywood sheathing.

– The installation of ice-dam protection for the areas that require this measure. These ice-guard membranes are made from a waterproof synthetic barrier material that will stop ice that melts from collecting under your shingles or penetrating the sheathing.

– Asphalt roofing-paper is then applied on top of your roof sheathing. This layer creates an interior barrier that stops water from penetrating your home.

– Metal drip-edging is then applied around the roof edges, on the gable sides and the eave sides.

– When necessary, new valley-flashing will be applied along the spaces where the two planes meet. Valley flashing is usually nailed down to your roofing deck followed by sealing the flashing with roofing caulk.

– The tab shingles are then applied, starting from eaves working up towards the roof’s peak.

– Flashing is then applied to any area where a leak may enter the house, such as against your chimney, around stack vents or skylights.

– Installation of the ridge vent. This is a continuous vent that runs along the roof’s peak that assists with air circulation in areas like your attic and can play an important function when it comes to stopping winter-ice dams or exhausting hot or warm air.

Metal Roofing

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